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Annual Report 2012-13


As a collaborative venture with Jesuits, Gonzaga sisters, Diocesan priests, the movement cadres, DHRC staff, cultural team, college professors and lay volunteers the summer coaching camp 2012 has enhanced 282 students in six civil districts of northern part of Tamil Nadu and enriched us to strengthen our ministry with the dalits.

It gives us immense joy that all our 10th students have passed in the Public Examinations with distinctions. We stepped into the new academic year with this success story and offered a mass for Holy Spirit on 1st June. Sch. Kyara, the Jesuit theologian from Nairobi was with us for a week in the beginning of June to have an exposure and experience with our target people.

On 9th June Sch. Vargheesh Antony gave a day of orientation to the Paathai hostel students with thrust of academic excellence and integral faith formation. We had a community orientation on 19th June in which we finalized our job description and envisaged our action plan for the new academic year.



On 19th June, We had a meaningful community orientation in which we finalized the job description and the action plan for the new academic year was envisaged. As part of our community orientation on 4th July we went on a pilgrimage to Acharapakkam, the shrine of Mazhai Malai Madha.

Sch. Kyara, the Jesuit theologian from Nairobi was with us for a week in the beginning of July to have an exposure and experience with our target people. He visited R.N Kandigai in Kanchipuram district and Siruthondamadevi in Caddalore district and stayed with the people to learn about the grass root Indian realities as part of the theological formation.

Paathai centre was very happy to have alumni meeting on 7th & 8th July. It turned out to be a significant moment in the history of Paathai Centre. It was concluded with an action plan that the alumni themselves would take up the Paathai hostel program and tuition centres in the future. Frs.Yesumarian and Arockia Dass addressed the students and encouraged them to pursue seriously this action plan. Sch.Robinson ably assisted by Sch.Alton meticulously arranged this meeting which had become the pinnacle of his service to Paathai Centre as a regent.

On 21st July Fr.Stany, JESA Secretary and Fr.Michael Raj, JMPSA Coordinator paid a visit to both Paathai Centre & DHRC and had a fruitful interaction with us.



Paathai and Dalit Human Rights Centre have jointly organized for Sch. Francis Xavier from Arul kadal for his immersion experience with the people. He stayed in Melpattampakkam, Cuddalore district, and had a rich experience with the people especially with the Evening study centre children.

In a seminar conducted for the students from civil districts of northern part of Tamilnadu Fr.Dass explined "the History of Education in India". The animators for educational program also participated in the seminar.

IACM cultural group had a special training in Paathai Centre from 19th to 21st Sep.

Dalit Christian Rights Movement (DCRM) had organized a seminar titled "The Jubilee Year of Vatican II and the Lives of Dalits in the Church" in Loyola College campus, Chennai, on 22nd September. Fr.Yesumarian had delivered the key note address in which he stressed the need for reservation for Dalit Christians in the church-run institutions.

Sch.Alton had been invited to conduct a workshop on Yoga to the first year philosophers of Satyanilayam from 26th to 28th Sep.


As a collobrative venture of LIBA with Paathai Centre and Dalit Human Rights Centre, the MBA students were with us for their village experience and exposure as part of their academic carriculum.122 students in two different batches were trained here in social awareness and responsibility from 13th to 14th Oct. and 20th to 21st October respectively. They also had a wider exposure to the villages of Kanchipuram district. Fr.Yesumarian and a team of IACM movement cadres addresed the students and shared their stuggle for justice in the context of dalit liberation.Students also had a fruitful interaction with the dalit women of Siruthondamadhavi village of cuddalore district. On 30th we had a meeting for all the animators of evening study centres so as to strenghthen them and to establish new tuition centres in various places.



On 12th Jan a special coaching camp for 10th and 12th students was arranged in kanchipuram and Cuddalore districts to motivate the students to face the forthcoming public exams confidently. On 14th and 15th Jan Paathai Hostel Students had a cultural exposure and experience as part of their academic curriculum. On 25th Jan a motivational workshop for all the teachers of our evening study centres was organised at Paathai centre. On the same day the budding young Dalit writers were recognised through arts and literature awards. A capacity building programme for Dalit Christian youth in Villupuram and in the city of Chennai was organised by Fr.Yesumarian. Around two hundred youth benefited from this programme.


On 9th Feb Fr. J. Arockia Dass gave a retreat to the sisters of Coimbatore Presentation at Kolapaakam on theme of "being fruitful in mission"

After having realised the uprising concern of the Dalit Christians Rights, Fr. Yesumarian conducted two one – day workshops in Chennai for the Dalit Christians on 17th and 23rd Feb respectively.

On 17th Feb a special coaching camp for 10th and 12th students of Cuddalore district and on 23rd for the similar students of Kanchipuram district was organised focusing on English and Maths in view of the public exams.



The IACM cultural team had a special training in folk dance and street play from 28th Feb to 1st March. As the culmination of the training, the team performed an awareness programme.

On 10th March Fr. Yesumarian gave one day workshop to the people of Kelembakam on "Land Rights".

Fr. Arockia Dass paid a visit to tribal hamlets of Kallakurichy area to prepare the tribal students for the summer coaching camp, and study the feasibility of launching out evening study centres in those areas.

On 23rd March we had a preparatory meeting of all the animators, volunteers and field staff for the summer coaching camp 2013.

Sch.Alton visited the evening study centres of five districts namely Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur, Thiruvannamalai, Villupuram and Cadalore and motivated the students to take active part in the summer coaching camp 2013.



The summer coaching camp is one of the major activities of Paathai Centre, considered as the climax of our field work throughout the year. Students from six civil districts of Northern part of Tamil Nadu, namely Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur, Thiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Cuddalore and South Chennai were trained here through this summer coaching camp.

The main objectives of the camp

  • To create a culture of studying habit among the poor dalit children.
  • To excavate the hidden talents and skills among the children.
  • To form them and motivate in leadership and personality development.
  • To enlighten them in social awareness and responsibility.
  • To direct them in career guidance and entrepreneurship.

We began the summer camp on 6th April 2013 with a two day orientation for the evening study centre teachers, followed by the cultural training for the IACM Cultural team in view of celebrating Dr. Ambedker’s birth anniversary on April 14th. We began summer coaching camp for the school children in descending order. We started first for the 12th Std. students and ended with 9th Std. students as per the convenience of the completion of their annual exams. Around 367 students benefited from this camp. (Gender ratio 60%; 40%)

Personality development, Social awareness, media analysis, career guidance were some of the important areas covered in the camp. Apart from the regular input, the children were taught yoga, Voice culture, memory lesson, etc. They were also given space to express their skills in the form of painting, writing essays, poems, etc. As the summit of each camp we had cultural evening to express their talents in a public forum in the presence of some important dignitaries. At the end of each camp we could see the real happiness and they really go out with great determination to achieve and serve their neighbors in need. The core committee comprises Fr.Yesumarian, Fr.J.Arockia Dass, Fr.Immanuel (Chengalpattu Diocese), Sch.Alton, Mr.Nayagam and Mr.Jaya Kumar planned well in advance to make this summer camp a grant success. Besides Schs.Alton, Regis, Jerald, Br.Jegan, Srs, Maria, Baby John, Volunteers Stephen, Jegan, Ramani, Seenu and Pattu rendered their service to this camp.

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