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Paathai Centre was started in the year 1996 for the social development of the dalits. It is entirely staffed by the Jesuits. It plays a supportive role to DHRC. It has also the following activities in furtherance of its objectives.


1. Training Centre:
It provides space for training for various groups like youths, students, women, village leaders, and movement cadres etc. Whenever possible resource persons also arranged for training programmes. At a time nearly 150 persons could be accommodated for training.

2. Boys Hostel:
It has got a small hostel for dalit catholic boys who study in a near by school. They are given an integrated training for two years.

3. Evening Study Centre:
In five districts in the northern part of Tamilnadu it has got 50 evening study centres where the dalit students are given complementary education in the evening. These are the children mainly study in state-run schools.

4. Coaching classes:
Coaching classes are conducted for the 10th and 12th standard students every month to motivate them and to make them pass in the final year exams.

5. Summer Camps:
Every summer in the months of April and May camps are conducted for dalit students of 9th to 12th standards. During these camps training in motivation, leadership, career guidance, social awareness, cultural programmes, study techniques and personality development are given.

6. Jesuit Residence:
Jesuits work in DHRC and PAATHAI reside here with a Team leader. They also collaborate with other NGOs, Movements and diocesan activities.


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