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Chennai Mission’s Vision Statement

We the participants of the first Jesuit Chennai Assembly 2007, solemnly rededicate ourselves to ‘empowering the marginalized, especially the rural poor and the dalits’. We look back with gratitude and as we listen to the success stories of our target people what marvels the Lord has done. A socio political and locational analysis makes us restate out priorities in the following terms.

We of the Chennai mission in actualizing the Gospel values like to make Education, Employability and Empowerment the guiding principles of our future action and we focus specially on women, the children and the unorganized sector.

It shall be our endeavour to provide quality primary education to the children in our mission area by starting primary schools where there are none and by providing out of school support to children from deprived sections and schools. We shall focus on universal enrolment and stem stagnation and dropouts. We shall ensure and enhance the learning of those in secondary and higher education by providing them with motivation, learning management and by creating study centres and hostels. Girl students especially will be helped to pursue education. Arts and Science colleges, and professional colleges that open their doors to these less privileged groups would be one of our priorities.

Making the educated employable will also be our concern and we shall do this by providing skills and competence development for them. An entrepreneur centre that can serve as a research, resource and training centre can guarantee better employability.

Micro credit units and self help groups (SHG) would go a long way in emancipating and empowering the women in our areas. Basic amenities especially housing for the poorest of the poor would be an obligation on our part.

We envision an apex body that can encompass all these activities, research, based on and can liaise with other like minded groups including the government, other religious and the NGOs. We are aware also of the constraints like finances, competent and dedicated personnel as also addressing the locational and inclusiveness issues in our mission.

While we realize much has been done much more remains to be done, it is our firm belief that this mission which like the mustard seed of the gospel had a modest

start will with the blessings of the Lord who has called us to His mission, grow and yield fruits 60 fold, 80 fold and even 100 fold. So help us God.

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