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Why this AHP Project (Fr.Anandaraj’s Housing Project)?

Of the four basic needs, decent housing seems to be the unrealizable dream for many of the poor Dalit families who have been unable to take advantage of the educational opportunities and who still live ramshackle huts. These huts, thatched with coconut or palmera leaves and made of combustible material, are not much of a protection from the inclemency of the weather and carry the risk of fire accidents. As they have to bend and stoop low to enter these low roofed huts, they are constantly reminded of their low social status. Besides the obvious material benefits, for the Dalits, a decent house can dramatically alter their self- image for the better and sow seeds of hope in them. The fact that they can enter and come out of their houses without bending low or crawling can help straighten and heal the broken back of a people accustomed to a lowly position socially, politically and economically for centuries! Given the poor economic condition a decent house is a distant dream for these people.

Who is Fr. Francis Anandaraj?

Fr. Francis Anandaraj is a catholic priest and has taught scared scripture over ten years in Indian theological seminaries. Mostly he was engaged with the historical and prophetical books of the Old Testament. His classes on Prophets are much appreciated and widely acclaimed. Currently he is working as a missionary in the southern Italy since 1998. Above all he has a compassionate heart for the poor. Having visited and entered all the thatched houses in Ongur parish on 22.08.2014, Chengalpet Diocese, Tamilnadu and moved by their miserable condition Fr.Anandaraj has come forward to build small one room houses (17x11ft) for the poor. He builds houses so that the poor may sleep peacefully and gain energy for the next day’s work. Fr. Francis Anandaraj is not giving from his affluence rather he is emptying his coffer. He lives a very ordinary life in a parish and spreading the Gospel in the nearby parishes. All that he spares is for the really poor. He makes sacrifices to bring joy and peace in others’ lives. His motto is: “let the downtrodden live as human beings as we all are. There is much joy in giving than receiving.” Currently he has completed 30 houses in Chengalpet and Thiruvannamali Districts.

Time line AHP (Fr.Anandraj’s Housing project)
AHP I 10.09.2014 14.12.2014 10
AHP II 05.01.2015 31.05.2015 10
AHP III 21.02.2016 17.07.2016 10


AHP II Phase

AHP I Phase

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